Get Soaked

This past Sunday, my pastor used an illustration in his sermon. It dealt with a sponge, and how dry sponges clean, but not very effectively. It takes a lot of scrubbing if there isn’t any soap or water on it.

He then dipped the very corner of the sponge in a bowl of water. He talked about how the wet corner of the sponge would clean better, but it still wasn’t as effective as it could be. It wouldn’t be able to clean a large area because it would dry up.

After completely submerging the sponge in the water, he talked about how the sponge was now at its full “potential;” it was equipped to clean whatever it needed to.

The analogy with the sponge was to show the importance of being in the Word and spending time with fellow believers. Dry Christians with no Jesus water aren’t very useful or equipped to “clean” the trials that come their way. Christians who get their toes wet but don’t fully experience their walk with Christ are a bit better prepared. But Christians who fully immerse themselves in the Word and “water” of Jesus are able to overcome trials and temptations easily.

Another point that I got out of it, although he didn’t mention it, is how the saturated sponge dripped whenever you took it out. A Christian who is saturated with God’s Word and love will “drip” onto other people and spread the gospel.

I enjoyed the analogy and thought that it was interesting.

Are we fully submerged, or are we reluctant to get more than our toes wet?