Journal Entry

Hey guys! I’m in the American Heritage Girl program for the first time this year (it’s basically a faith-based Girl Scouts). One of the requirements for a badge is to keep a journal for three months, and I just wrote the first entry! I thought it would make a good blog post (minus the first paragraph, lol) so here you go! I hope you find it interesting, if not encouraging!

Today is November 1, which means that it’s day one of NaNoWriMo! I got up at 6:00 AM, did my YouVersion “routine,” and got to writing. I had 532 words written before I got in the shower. I then switched my laundry (dry clothes are a nice thing to have) and grabbed coffee cake and fruit punch for breakfast. Four keyboarding lessons, four Spanish lessons, and two geography lessons later, I began to get ready for American Heritage Girls. After AHG was done, I came home and did some more writing—until my total word-count reached 1,119. I’m so excited for NaNo! I hope that this journal helps keep me motivated to get up early and be productive.

So there’s the events of my day, but now it’s time for the lesson learned. Yesterday I didn’t get on YouVersion first thing in the morning, and it really affected my whole day. I was behind on everything, overly lazy, and just really discouraged. In contrast, this morning was amazing and I accomplished so much! I got a lot more done and was more satisfied with my work today, and I believe it’s because I put God first.

Like I mentioned above, I hope that this journal encourages me to keep writing, making progress in school, and putting God first. This is a requirement for an AHG badge, but I hope I put a lot of thought into it and get more than just a piece of fabric out of it! I’m really exited to see what’s going to come of it over the next three months.

Be the soldier you were meant to be,