God’s Writing His Story

Hey guys! It’s finally spring! It’s kind of chilly where I live still, but that’s not unusual. We had snow in April last year, so I’m just thankful that I can see the grass right now!

My Honor Society group requires me to volunteer two hours in my community, two hours at church, and two hours in my home. The hours are due April 1st, and as of this morning I still hadn’t volunteered at home, so I decided to take a day off from school and do some spring cleaning in the basement. I inhaled a lot of dust, but other than that I think it went pretty well!

Several years ago, I got a purple footlocker for Christmas, and ever since then it’s just been sitting in the basement and storing whatever I don’t need/want to keep in my bedroom. All of my “valuable junk” goes in there. But over the years it’s gotten so full that I’ve had to store stuff on top of it…and next to it. I pretty much had a pile of stuff just spilling all over my family’s storage room (which is technically supposed to be a guest room, although we never have guests so I’ve been trying to convince my parents to turn it into a game room). Anyway, my mom wanted me to tidy that up and then organize the rest of the room while I was at it.

This picture was taken AFTER I organized it, BTW 🙂

In the trunk, I of course found recent stuff such as my certificate of baptism and whatnot, but I also found a TON of treasures from my childhood. I’m amazed at how even as a seven-or-eight-year-old I understood the importance of keeping and documenting certain things. I found my “charts” that included my favorite color at the time, how many teeth I had lost so far, and different things like that. My parents didn’t have anything to do with those charts–they were entirely my idea! I also found certificates that I had won at summer camp in 2015 from the sword drill competition and memorizing the most Bible passages. I found a folder filled with short stories that I wrote, and even the tiny stuffed dog that I used to drag around the house with a belt for a leash!

His name is Browncake, in case you wanted to know XD

But the most amazing thing I came across was a box filled with probably just about every letter I ever received from my friends. A bunch of them are dated 2009, which is CRAZY to think about! I have a Christmas card from my best friend that literally says “this is our first Christmas as friends!” and we’ve been friends for almost six years now. It was amusing to see how she spelled things and what she told me about in her letters. I found several notes my friends at camp (they put up “mailboxes” for campers to drop notes in during the week) that really touched my heart and made me smile. Things like “Jesus loves you” and “Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you” seemed so routine back then but as I read through them today they meant so much more. Reading a simple “great job” or “thanks for your hard work” made me smile today because I realized how much I really am loved. The letters from my grandparents reminded me of how much I’m loved; my birthday cards from the past four years reminded me of how much I’m loved.

Needless to say, I felt very loved this afternoon. Going through all of that stuff made me realize how blessed I’ve been my entire life–even before I was earnestly seeking God. I’ve never been without a friend or two, I’ve never lacked anything. My God has been very good to me.

He’s been writing the story of my life since even before I was born, which is an incredible thought. I realized that everything that’s happened in my life so far (both good and bad) has brought me to where I am now, and that God was working out everything for good before I even understood that. There’s never been a moment that I wasn’t being watched over and protected! That’s a HUGE encouragement for me. It means that I can trust God with my life; it means that He truly is the Good Shepherd and He will never lead me anywhere that He didn’t intend to. He has it all planned out and He never makes mistakes.

He’s written a beautiful story so far, and I know that my future is in His hands too. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose”–Romans 8:28. I pray that we as Christians live our lives for Christ in full surrender, allowing Him to write our stories as He would have them. His will be done!