A Crazy Week in the Life of a Freshman (For Such a Time as This)

So this week was… crazy. I barely got any sleep (mostly because I procrastinate way too much and have absolutely no sense of time management). Anyway, it’s Friday now (technically Saturday because it’s after midnight, lol) and I thought I’d share with all of you what I did and learned this week. Warning: this is going to be long!!

First off, I went prom dress shopping! I, as a homeschooler, get to go to prom every year between 7th and 12th grade (although I didn’t go my 7th grade year–last year was my first). There’s this really awesome event that happens in my city where you can go and buy really cheap dresses and jewelry. You get assigned a personal shopper, and then they help you try on the dresses and decide which one you like the most! My mom and I waited in line for about 4 hours, although thankfully we were able to find seats. It was worth the wait because now I have a beautiful dress for prom! That took up a good majority of my day.

But that same day, something 100x better happened–I got to go to a concert to see my favorite artist! How it worked was when I got home from the dress thing, I got changed and ready to go and then my mom dropped me off at a friend’s house. The original plan was to leave her house at 6:00 so we could be early for the 7:00 concert, but my friend’s dad decided it wasn’t worth sitting in the arena and doing nothing so we waited until 6:20. We stopped for gas, and then finally we were on our way to the concert. I couldn’t wait any longer because I had been waiting for almost 6 months for this concert–we bought tickets THE day they went on sale.

We payed for parking and everything, and even got a really convenient parking space because we parked on the underground level. As we walked inside, I was over the moon happy. I was wearing my favorite artist’s hat and t-shirt with black leggings and the awesome combat boots that I got for Christmas. I don’t know why, but all I could think about as we walked inside was how cool my outfit was. Plus, my friend had the exact same t-shirt, so we were twinning and I just thought that was so fun. I was so pumped for the concert that even walking inside gave me an adrenaline rush!

We were almost ready to be scanned with those metal detector wand things when my friend’s dad stopped in his tracks. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I stopped and moved over to the side. After a few moments of just standing there with his hand on his face, he finally announced that he had LEFT the TICKETS back at home. I wasn’t mad or angry, I was just so…I don’t even know how to explain it. The best word I can come up with is incredulous.

Anyway, we raced back to the car and sped out of there, only hoping we could make it back in time to not miss any more than the opening singer. I’m really good at keeping my cool in those kinds of situations, and I’m being 100% honest with you when I say that I wasn’t mad. In fact, I was more stressed than upset. If you read my post titled Perspective Changes Everything, I believe I mentioned the fact that being late for church used to really stress me out; I would stare at the clock as if that were going to change something, and I wouldn’t really calm down until we had arrived at church. Well that’s how I felt right then. I didn’t care that we were going to be late, I just really wanted to be at the concert rather than driving through the city back to my friend’s house.

But even being as stressed as I was during that car ride, I took the time to pray. I looked up at the sky and thanked God for being good and in control. I acknowledged the fact that there could be a reason for the tickets being left behind. Maybe there was going to be a fire or a mass shooting and God had spared us from the disaster. I found great peace while I prayed and I knew that if God wanted to, He could cause the power to go out and delay the show, therefore allowing us to get back and not miss anything. I knew that anything was possible.

We finally made it back to the concert–with the tickets–and even though we were half an hour late, I was just really thankful that we had made it and that I could enjoy the rest of the show. And WOW, did I enjoy it! It was SO fun, and by the end my friend and I were both jumping up and down to the music with our hands in the air. I was ugily screaming my lungs out, which is why I refuse to show people any of the videos I took, lol. It was great.

Not only did I enjoy the music, I also enjoyed the message that they gave right before the intermission. It was about orphans needing sponsors–like at every other Christian concert–but that speaker did a really good job of breaking my heart when he told us about his trip to Africa. I felt so terrible for those kids, and I just really wanted to do something to help them and get the gospel to them. When he asked people to raise their hands if they wanted to receive a sponsor packet, I was soooo (imagine that word stretches on for miles) tempted to do it. Especially when he spoke directly to the “young people” and mentioned that we could team up with our friends or youth group. I didn’t do it because my parents weren’t there with me and I didn’t want to make them mad, but I desperately wanted to.

They then dismissed the crowd for intermission, and my friend and I ran straight for the merchandise tables. I had planned it all out that I wasn’t going to allow myself to spend more than $70.00 no matter what, and I had browsed online to get an idea of what shirts I was getting. But everything was way more expensive than I had planned, and after hearing about the children in Africa starving and sleeping in the mud, I couldn’t justify spending so much money on clothes that I didn’t really need. I ended up buying a wristband from my favorite artist and a t-shirt from another guy that I like, but I stopped there. I decided that I was going to donate the rest of the money to charity or my church because the Holy Spirit’s conviction was so powerful, and even though I couldn’t take a sponsor packet I was determined to help.

My friend dropped me off at home after the concert, and that was it for that day. God had spoken to me more than once: first in the car, and then at the concert during the message. It was a great day!!!!

And my crazy (but awesome) week didn’t stop there. A couple days later, my parents went out for a movie night to see Unplanned (although they didn’t end up seeing it because it was sold out) and my sisters and I decided to watch God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2. I own both of them because I got them as gifts at my youth group’s white elephant party, but I hadn’t seen them before because I’m busy and, well, crazy.

I almost cried during the first one (I fought really hard) and was so moved by it that I really wanted to “join the movement and text everyone I knew” like it said at the end. I didn’t though, because all of my friends are some denomination of Christianity anyways. Plus it’s an old movie and everyone would question why I was just now watching it.

The second one was pretty good too, although not as interesting because it followed the same court case whereas the other one was about different people and how their stories were all interwoven and connected. I thought it was so cool how God stopped the car from working so that Pastor Dave would be right where he needed to be, when he needed to be. It was just a very eye-opening movie–they both were. My favorite character would have to be Pastor Dave, for various reasons but for those of you who know me, you would understand why I appreciate his name ;).

BUT, my awesome week doesn’t stop there. (I warned you that this was going to be long!) My parents, after finding out that the movie was sold out, went to the library instead and got me the children’s version of the Left Behind series. I read the first two the very next day, and the third one the day after that. I love them and am planning on reading the rest of the series, even though the writing in my opinion is pretty simple and childish. I’m hoping to read the real Left Behind books soon–the “adult” ones. But even being as simple as they are, they have really impacted me a lot.

Whenever I read, I get VERY pulled into the story. Not only do I lose track of time, but I lose my sense of reality (although in this case it actually IS reality). The books are all about the rapture and–in the children’s series–how four kids get left behind because they never accepted Christ for themselves. It really opened my eyes to how we shouldn’t put off salvation, because the Lord’s going to return in the twinkling of an eye and if you’re not in the family, then He’s not going to take you with Him. You’ll get left behind in a world of chaos and tribulation. Now, I know that there is some debate as far as what happens first, and where the Christians are going to be for what, but that’s beside the point. The books have just really given me a sense of urgency to go out and tell the good news, because we could be called home at any moment! That thought’s both scary and exciting.

At our American Heritage Girl’s meeting for this week, we learned about Esther and how she was placed where she was “for such a time as this.”

I feel like that statement pretty much sums up everything that God’s been speaking to me about this week. The tickets were accidentally left behind so I could learn a lesson about trusting that God is in control, Pastor Dave’s car stalled in the movie because God needed him to be travelling through the concert crowd when the professor was hit, and Unplanned (oh, the irony in that title!) ended up being sold out so that my parents would end up at the library and bring me back the Left Behind books, which gave me a sense of urgency in needing to spread the gospel because Jesus is coming at a time that no man knows. All of those things happened “for such a time as this.” God’s got everything planned, and everything happens for a reason.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my crazy week, and I pray that God speaks to you as He has to me. Always remember to send it, because God has called us to surrender our lives to Him–“for such a time as this!”