Things Above

I learned two very (read that sarcastically) important lessons today. Number 1: Walmart cookie sandwiches are really crumbly and should be eaten with a plate. Number 2: People with big feet must have an awfully hard time getting their skinny jeans off (I’m a 7 1/2 shoe and I had a hard time getting my feet through the holes XD).

Anyway, I went to Walmart with my mom to buy some food for tomorrow, and happened to notice that they had a clearance rack of clothes. I absolutely love Walmart’s clothes so of course I had to check it out, and I found two pairs of ripped jeans and a super awesome green top. (for those of you who don’t know, which is probably everybody reading this, I never wore jeans before this year. I pretty much only wore athletic wear and sweatpants….my style has changed from a little kid who doesn’t care to a teenager who has to have the coolest stuff) But yeah, my mom bought them for me and I can’t wait to wear them!

I’m starting to realize how awful being an adult really is (and I’m only 15!) Grocery shopping took WAY longer than it should have because we were comparing prices with another store, plus if you watched me on a surveillance camera I’d probably look really lost and do some dumb things like walk in circles. I’m realizing how little you actually get for your money, and how hard this “adulting” thing is. I don’t even have a job yet (or a driver’s license), but gas prices already scare me and I’m just thinking of all the things I have to pay for once I’m out on my own.

The whole thing about not envying others and setting your hearts on things above is a whole lot more relevant for me now that I’m a teenager. Before it was more like, “her toy moves all by itself but mine doesn’t!” but now it’s more like “she has a cuter bag than me, and her hair is less frizzy, and that girl has name-brand shoes!” I understand now how easy it is to love the world and its things. We always want more, more, more and it’s never enough.

I’ve got a LOT to learn about life, but my prayer is that I don’t pursue the things of this world more than Jesus as I get older. I want Him and Him alone to be my source of joy and confidence.

I’m going to do my best to set my heart on things above and not fall prey to the love of things. If He is all I have, I have all I need.

Try to remember that the next time you start to envy your friends’ things.