The God of Details

I am currently working on planning my project for my Dolley Madison Award with American Heritage Girls. Once I got the idea for the project, I started planning it out and coming up with the details. I wrote down a lot of things–location, date, time, who’s going to set up and clean up, who’s going to be invited. I wrote down everything I could think of, and proposed my idea to the troop board. They liked the idea, but didn’t exactly approve it because they wanted to see some more details. Who’s going to provide the money? What organization is this event going to benefit? Are you sure 2 hours is long enough for the event?

It’s a little overwhelming, to be honest! There’s a lot of planning that goes into any event– even a seemingly simple one like the one I have in mind! There’s so much to plan, to do, to think about. If I leave out one minor detail, the whole thing could flop. Who cares if I have a functional, organized registration process if the event itself is poorly planned, or vice-versa?

Aren’t you glad that God didn’t get overwhelmed when He created the world? Just look outside and see how complex everything is! There’s photosynthesis, evaporation, decomposition, the nitrogen cycle, and on and on and on! And the amazing part about it all is that it works!

Over the summer I went to a day camp at a local college to learn some basic coding. I’m better at it now, but at first it was hard just to get the program to draw a square! One of the assignments was to code a snow flake, and it took a ton of trial and error. I would use the blocks (we used block coding, not plain text) to write the code, but oftentimes I would hit “run” and the line would go off in a totally different direction than I wanted it to. I worked for over an hour just to get a simple snowflake drawn.

But when God created the world, he didn’t have to test run it to see if it worked. He spoke, and it came into being! And He said it was good. The rivers flowed how He intended them to, the birds didn’t accidentally end up roaring when He meant for them to chirp, and the grass didn’t start growing in the sky. God got all the details right the first time.

Do you trust Him with the details of your life? He cares about what you did this morning, and last night, and last week. He notices when you brush your teeth. No detail in your life goes unseen by God. And the greatest part is that God knows every detail of your future. He doesn’t have to test run it to see if it’s going to work, because He knows it will. He doesn’t make mistakes; His plan is not flawed. You can trust Him with every single detail in your life. He sees, He cares, and He has a plan for everything you’re dealing with.

Let God control all the details in your life–no matter how small. When you hit “run,” His plan is guaranteed to work properly and be good.