God Sees

But when you pray, go into your private room, shut your door, and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.
~Matthew 6:6, HCSB
Sometimes I wonder if I’m letting my “light so shine before men” enough. I wonder if I’m truly making a difference just by smiling or holding the door for someone. I question if the world even notices a difference in me.
I wonder these things regarding the world, but also with my fellow Christians. Does my pastor know that I read my Bible every day? Do my friends know that I’m praying for them? Does anybody notice how much I love Jesus? I don’t know. And even though my human self desperately wants others to notice, it doesn’t matter if anybody knows how often I do these things. I shouldn’t pray, read the Bible, or worship–or do anything for that matter–to be recognized by other people. The only One whose attention really matters is God’s.

I find great comfort in knowing that God sees me. He hears my every prayer. He knows my heart. I can go to Him “in secret” and even though nobody in the whole world knows that I’m meeting Him there, He’s there. And He loves me.

One of my recent posts talked about being faithful in the little things right now so that God can bless you with bigger things later on. Your prayer life may not be noticed by others, but God hears. Maybe nobody knows that you volunteer during the week or that you put extra money in the tithe box. But God sees. And He will reward those who are faithful in the things that nobody else notices.

My youth pastor once said this during a message: “God wants you to grow in your relationship with Him even more than you do.” God loves you and desires to be in close relationship with you. He wants to talk to you in the secret place, just you and Him. Your relationship with Him, even if nobody else knows, is important to Him. He wants to talk to you. If the fact that the God of the universe–the Lamb who was slain for you–wants to talk to you doesn’t make your heart absolutely explode with joy, then I don’t know what will.

Maybe you read your Bible every day. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re a prayer warrior. Maybe you rarely pray at all. Can I just encourage you to seek God in the secret place? Nothing satisfies a person like being in the presence of Almighty God. Nothing can give you purer joy than talking to your Creator. He sees you. He hears you.

When we seek God with our whole heart, we will naturally become more like Him. His wants will become our wants. His ways will become our ways. Others will notice a difference in our lives without us even trying because we will just naturally reflect the light of God. We don’t have to do a million good deeds to try to be seen by people–either by the world or by other Christians. It will just happen, because if we’re radically devoted to God, the world will notice the change in us. And even better than that, God will reward us.

As Mark Batterson says: “Live for the applause of nail-scarred hands.”

God sees. And that’s enough.

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