Love Came Down

IT. IS. DECEMBER. That’s crazy, y’all. But it means that Christmas is almost here!

My favorite thing about Christmas is….well….all of it? XD I personally like taking pictures for the family Christmas card, especially since my mom put me in charge of it this year. And I also really like going to the candlelight service at church! All I really remember from last year was that the paper on the candles wasn’t catching the drips and several people burned themselves…and also that I wore red shoes. But there’s just something about singing by candlelight that I really enjoy. I’m looking forward to it this year!

But my overall favorite thing about Christmas is simply what it means for me as a Christian: the birth of my Savior and the beginning of redemption. Without Christ coming to earth and dying for my sins, there would be nothing for me to live for or to put my trust and hope in. He is my everything! Consider these lyrics from TobyMac’s song “Christmas This Year:”

It’s all love
The season is a gift
When love came down to let us live
Let’s open up and let our hearts embrace this moment
For Christmas this year
Gonna make a sound
Gonna make it loud
For Christmas this year
We’re gonna make some noise
Let the world rejoice
For Christmas this year

The entire reason we as Christians celebrate Christmas is the fact that Love came down to let us live! Christ came for us, to save us. His birth gave us life. He truly is the Reason for the season! He gave us a reason to rejoice again.

This year, as we begin the month of December and the countdown known as Advent, I would encourage you to step away from the busyness of the holiday season and instead spend some time in the presence of our Savior. Make room for Him in your heart and meditate on His words. There are lots of Advent devotional plans on the app YouVersion that you can read for free; I’m going through this one. Consider setting a few minutes aside each day this month to remember what Christmas really means!

I pray that we as God’s children will continue to walk humbly with our God and celebrate the fact that Love came down to let us live. This month (and always), give Him praise for all that He has done! Make some noise, and let the world rejoice! Jesus the Messiah has come.

Click here to read last year’s Christmas post! (I just realized that I used the same tobyMac song XD) More Christmas posts to come! Until next time, Church! God bless ❤