It Will Fade in the End: A Poem About Anxiety

I had a very emotionally taxing weekend that resulted in my staying home from youth group and church this past week. It was difficult for me, as someone who is used to dealing with and pushing past social anxiety, to realize that I couldn’t do it for once. I didn’t have the strength to bottle it up and tell myself “I’m fine” like I normally do. As I sat in the parking lot, unable to stop the tears, I had to accept the fact that I am not always capable of fortitude. While I would prefer to not have to experience a break down again, I can say that God has taught me a lot about anxiety through it, and for that I am extremely grateful.

I learned that not being able to do something doesn’t make me a failure. I felt like I had let everyone down, considering that I was supposed to be at a new leader’s meeting, my good friend was cheering me on and sending Bible verses the whole ride there, my mom had taken the time and gas to drive me, and I know others who struggle with anxiety more deeply than I do. But I came across this quote afterwards that really helped: “Failure is not falling down, but refusing to stand back up.”

I recently have used the phrase “let the devil know not today” to remind myself not to give in to my anxiety and to show up to an event no matter how nervous I am. I felt that if I gave in and stayed home, it would be the equivalent of allowing the devil to paralyze and immobilize me. So, granted, when I found myself unable to walk inside the church building for the meeting, I felt like I had lost the fight. But that wasn’t true. The fight isn’t over until I refuse to fight back.

Want to know why?

Because my God is fighting for me and He has already won the war.

My God does not give up on me, so I will not give up on Him. Anxiety can knock me down for a day, or two, or a month, but that doesn’t have to be the end. The end is already written, and it will be an ultimate triumph over everything that now ensnares us. In the name of Jesus, nothing shall be impossible. Nothing shall separate us from His love. Every battle will end in victory if we press on and fight the good fight.

I spent the past couple days writing a poem about anxiety, and since I wasn’t able to write what I originally had planned for this week, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share it with you.

No matter what your situation looks like now, just remember: it will fade in the end.

It Will Fade in the End

You know those times when
The struggle is real,
And your confidence is fake.
You are clad in armor,
But the armor is not your own.
Anxiety thrives in falsehood.

Remember those times when
Being known is hard,
And security seems found in the dark.
You are hidden,
But hidden is not safe.
Anxiety thrives in deception.

There may be seasons when
You find yourself lost,
Dissatisfied with invisible hope.
Nostalgia is tempting,
While the future is frightening.
Anxiety thrives in the unknown.

Hours may come when
Human strength fails you,
And weakness suffocates peace.
Restless nights multiply burdens,
And fortitude is hard to earn.
Anxiety thrives in the flesh.

But pause.

Take a moment to breathe,
To look up, to remember,
And never give up on His Word.
His promises are always meant for you
Wherever you stand.
Anxiety fades in this truth.

Even in the hard places when
You stand in utter confusion,
Unable to see the light.
He stands at the end of your tunnel,
Shepherding you on toward the bend.
Anxiety fades in His guidance.

There will come moments when
He reminds you He is there,
He has never left.
Every fight will be worth it,
Just keep on marching ahead.
Anxiety fades in trust of the King.

Simply imagine a time when
All will be new,
No more fear, no more hiding.
The Father will stand and welcome those
Who got back up and called on His name.
Anxiety will fade in the end.


Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to see y’all back next week!

Always His,