Age Doesn’t Matter | Guest Post by GodsChild

Hello everyone! We have something very special on the blog this week: a guest post written by one of my closest friends! GodsChild and I met through American Heritage Girls’ Pen Pal Program, and now we do just about everything together (yes, from 2,000 miles away). I am so excited to have had the opportunity to do a blog swap with her, and I hope you enjoy what she has written for us today! So, without further ado, I’ll leave you with GodsChild...

Hello! My name is GodsChild! My amazing friend, CoCo, invited me to a guest post!! If you would like to read hers on my blog, click here!

  When I was younger (between 6-9) I considered age a huge deal for basically everything. I would always think my best friend would put herself first to say “I am 10 days older than you. I’m better than you.” I would get so frustrated because I thought she was always bragging about her age and using it to her advantage. Though, she never was. It was just me. A hyper-sensitive ISFJ. Now I realize that she never meant for it to come across that way and really, age doesn’t matter.

  Take CoCo and I for example. We are best friends yet there is a 2 year age gap between us. We have both agreed that it doesn’t feel like it. What makes us equal is our spiritual maturity. Not age. We are practically at the same spot in our relationships with God, to the point where we have similar experiences and can relate to similar things. That is what makes us such good friends and age doesn’t have anything to do with it.

  Recently, I’ve made a lot of friends of all different ages. I am going to give them code names (for privacy reasons), but here’s our ages and how I relate to some of them (if I did all of my friends then this would take forever XD).

  1. Amy. I am one year older than Amy (she is 13), yet we are pretty good friends. Recently we have grown apart, but in a few days we are getting together and I hope it brings us closer again. We relate so much and have gone through similar experiences and like similar things.
  1. Adriana. This is Amy’s younger sister. Adriana and I could talk for hours. Adriana is 10, so 4 years younger than me. Yet we agree on the same topics.
  1. Tiana. Tiana and I just got together for the first time recently. She is just 2 months younger and we have similar spiritual walks.

  I have many friends, older and younger, yet I get along with them. With most, we are in similar situations or at similar places in our walk with the Lord.

  What defines us isn’t age. Who lives in us is what defines who we are. If you have Christ in your heart, then you live for Him. You can be 8 or 20 and have the same goal. It doesn’t matter what your age is. If you are living for Christ, you can get along with anyone who has the same goal. 

  Even better, when you are in a similar season to someone else, you get along because you can relate. Not because you are the same age.


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