God Bless America | A Prayer for the 2020 Election

God, America needs You. We might not believe that or admit to that, but it is the unfading truth. We need to be reminded as a country where our strength comes from. We admit that we have grown self-sufficient and have pushed You out of our schools, out of our government, and out of our lives. We pray that You would show mercy to America and help us to return to You as our one and only true God and King. What has been done is done, but we pray that the 2020 election would welcome in a time of repentance and revival, that our land may be healed. Regardless of who wins, Father, may You remind us of the Authority Who is in ultimate control.

Help us to not place our hope in our government.

Help us to not seek salvation from our politicians.

Help us to not allow the lack of world peace to destroy the peace we have in You.

May we not worry about what may come, but may You help us to seek You and Your kingdom first. America needs You, for You are our only hope. You are our salvation. You are our peace.

If we are being honest, a lot of us have strong opinions about what we want to happen in our country. It is our human nature to be self-centered in our desires. We pray that You would help us to be angry–righteously angry–but not sin. Help us to not take things into our own hands or seek revenge for ourselves, for You have said that vengeance is Yours. Help us to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us. May we trust in You no matter what happens, no matter what comes, no matter what this world decides to do to us as Christ-followers.

We may be Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, left or right or anywhere in between. But at the end of the day, we are all human. We pray that the Church would not be divided over the election, but that we would be Your ambassadors of reconciliation. May our identity be found in You alone and not in the labels of our culture. May we choose to dine with sinners, walk through Samaria, and touch the political lepers of our day.

Raise up Your Church to be Your hands and feet and mouth. May each and every American citizen who claims to be in You live as You have called us to live. We pray that more Bibles would be read, more prayers would be prayed, more broken hallelujahs would be raised to You from sea to shining sea. May we fly the Star-Spangled Banner with patriotic pride, but may we never forget the nail-scarred hands of the Savior Who died. The stars and stripes may cause us to boast, but the stripes of the Shepherd are what truly matter most.

America has fallen, but we know that You are the God of second chances. You can rebuild our broken down “walls.” You can restore our hurting “temples.” You can still part the “sea” just as victoriously as You ever could. Our eyes only see brokenness and corruption; may You show us forgiveness and salvation. Help us to trust Your Word that You are doing something new. Revive us again.

You say in Your Word that “blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” We pray that America would make You our Lord once again. We pray that we would not scoff at the name of Jesus or speak His great name with triviality. May we fear the name of Yahweh and His judgment that is to come upon the world. We admit that we have put other things above You and have gotten our priorities mixed up in the ebb and flow of politics, but You are a jealous God and You desire to bring the lost sheep home. Bring us home, Father. May we never forget Your great love and mercy for those who have done wrong. No sin is too great for You to forgive. May we as a nation remember that and take it to heart, that we may repent and return to You.

We pray that You would be with both of our presidential candidates, as well as their chosen running mates. May You grant them wisdom in all they do, say, and think, and may You guide their decisions. Whatever happens, happens. May Your will be done and Your plan for the world be accomplished.

You alone are good.

You alone are worthy to be praised.

You alone can restore, revive, and bless America.

And everyone said,



Always His,