“Encountering Our Wild God” by Kim Meeder | Book Review

Hey guys! Welcome to CoCo’s Chitchat. Today I will be reviewing the book Encountering Our Wild God: Ways to Experience His Untamable Presence Every Day by Kim Meeder. I read this book with my pen pal, and every chapter was a wonderfully uplifting read!

Let’s dive in, shall we? Here’s the blurb:

Who our God is and how He works cannot be captured or contained. He is unstoppable, unfathomable, and untamable. He is wild. And He is beckoning us to pursue Him beyond our circumstances, beyond our emotions and beyond our logic into the glorious mystery that is Him.

Offering miraculous, inspiring stories of lives and circumstances transformed by the Holy Spirit, author and speaker Kim Meeder shows that God isn’t calling us to fully understand Him; He is calling us to fully trust and experience Him. She gives practical, everyday ways to pursue Him more passionately and trust Him more fiercely. The wild beauty and glory of our God are calling. And in this hallowed, thrilling place, we will see His face reflected in the miraculous–and we will experience the limitless nature of our wild God.

~Encountering Our Wild God

Encountering Our Wild God by Kim Meeder serves as a great devotional, either on your own or with a friend. The chapters can be easily read in one sitting and contain many truths worth pondering. If you’re looking for something to leave you in awe and wonder and to challenge you to go deeper in your relationship with God, this book would make an excellent next read!

Meeder starts off each chapter with a seemingly simple truth. She then uses miraculous stories from her years of ministry experience to expound on those truths and show us just how deeply our walk with God can (and should) affect us. The stories she tells are inviting, making the reader crave the experiences for themselves. There were so many moments I had to pause and just sit in the wonder of God. It is sure to transform the way you view the role of the Holy Spirit in your everyday life! 

Meeder’s vivid descriptions and beautifully-told narratives draw the reader in and invite them into a posture of worship. If you like to get lost in what you read, this book is a must! Each story has such a personal touch to it, and can transport you through time and space to really experience what she did. Each page invites the presence of God. Each word leaves you longing for more of Himself.

Meeder writes with authority and assurance, completely convinced of what she knows to be true and unashamed to share it with her readers. Her enthusiasm for the Spirit is highly contagious as well. Her personal tone of voice throughout the book gives you a sense that you’ve known her all your life–or at least leaves you wishing you had. She isn’t preachy or boastful, but is instead welcoming and authentically humble. While her style of writing is beautiful, the truths she leaves you with are even more so. 

This book, simply put, opens your mind to all the possibilities of God. It opens doors you might not have known existed. It shows you aspects of God’s character you might not regularly ponder. Our God is wildly good, and Meeder encourages us to respond with wild devotion, wild praise, and wild trust. If you read it, be prepared for an awesomely wild shift in perspective.

My only negative comment about the book would be that–while the chapters do end with a profound prayer for the reader to contemplate–there aren’t any discussion questions. However, my pen pal and I were able to underline things as we went and often found enough material to have a good conversation at the end. Just about every time, we would say something along the lines of, “that was an incredible story,” or “wow! that was so amazing.” It repeatedly left me speechless, unable to fully express what I wanted to say because it’s just so rich and deep and filled with the wonder of God.

All in all, Encountering Our Wild God is just a wild read! I would highly recommend it to anyone who desires to go deeper in their walk with God. It’s a timeless book that is sure to bless readers in all seasons of life.

Life may be confusing and chaotic, but we can rest assured that God holds it all in His hands. He is writing a beautiful story with our lives, and He can use our obedience to transform the lives of others. We can choose to walk with Him each and every day. We can choose to trust that He will work it all out for good in His wildly indescribable way. Life surely is a roller-coaster ride, but inviting the Holy Spirit into it with us makes it divinely exciting!

I hope you will choose to pick up this book and experience His untamable presence for yourself today.


That’s all for this week! Let me know in the comments if you have ever read this book, or if you decide to read it after this review!

In Christ now and always,

2 thoughts on ““Encountering Our Wild God” by Kim Meeder | Book Review

  1. Tabitha Rutto

    Great job on this CoCo. You have described it in a way that made me go check if an ebook version of it is available, and I’m happy to report that I have found it.
    And it’s now in my to-be-read list.
    Thank you!


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