A Prayer for the Discouraged

Welcome to CoCo’s Chitchat! On the first Wednesday of every month, I’ve decided to start posting prayers for different things. This first one is more of a general prayer if you’re feeling discouraged in your faith. I didn’t edit it very much because it didn’t feel right to edit a prayer 😉 so you get what I wrote, how I originally wrote it. XD Here you go…


Thank you for the wonderful Holy Week we just celebrated, and for the truth that carries on even today. You paid our debts on the cross. You are alive and well today, and You give us a reason to live. Thank You.

We admit that life is sometimes hard, and sometimes it seems easier to give up. We question whether or not the narrow path is worth it, or if living for You is really what is best for us. We cling to the things of this world and any kind of comfort it can offer. But the truth is… that comfort doesn’t last very long. It leaves us thirsty again and it’s an endless cycle of want, satisfaction, want. Life is a roller coaster and we’re pursuing all kinds of things that end up disappointing because we haven’t yet realized the only thing worth pursuing is You.

I pray that You would open the eyes of our hearts, to help us realize that lasting contentment can only be found in one place–Your presence. Help us to taste and see Your goodness, Your truth, Your love, Your desire for the world to know You intimately. Jesus called His disciples to “come and see,” so Father, today I pray that You would give Your Church the courage to come and see. 

 We’re living in a fallen world plagued by sin–there’s no doubt that darkness and brokenness exist. But I fear that some of us are trying to cover it up and make things seem better than they really are. We’re not being honest with ourselves when we say that we have everything under control, or that we know what we’re doing, or that we aren’t scared of the future. We aren’t being honest with ourselves, and we aren’t being honest with You. We’re trying to come to You as we ought to be, not as we are. It causes us to carry burdens we were never intended to bear, rather than give them over to You. And then we find ourselves drowning in pressure. 

What happened to the freedom that You came to give us? What happened to the power that was said to break every chain? Father, we want to see that kind of restoration in our world today. Help us to not look for a Messiah of our own making–but to recognize that You are the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. We may not see burning bushes or miraculous healings as we desire to see, but there is so much to experience if we would just stop and realize that You are God, and we are not. You know better than we do. I thank you for the unanswered prayers just as much as the answered ones, because Your way is always better than mine.

Help us to see that brokenness isn’t something to be avoided. Putting walls up against pain does us no good–it only causes us to live in fear. We don’t want to suffer, but You say in Your word that it is inevitable. People will mock us, hurt us, leave us when we need them most. The enemy will whisper lies that get tangled up in truth until we don’t know what to believe anymore. But I pray that even as we walk through this dark valley, You would remind us that You are the true light. Your light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never overcome it. It was true on Good Friday, it was true on Resurrection Sunday, and it will be true for all eternity. Your light shines brighter.

Your name is worthy to be praised and is deserving of our full devotion. Help us to press on through the darkness, because joy is coming in the morning if we just hold on. Help us to not walk away or to grow discouraged, but help us to strengthen ourselves in You, Lord. Hold us when we’re too weak to stand. Carry us when we’re too weak to walk. Remind us that You are the source of all good things. You are the Savior. You are the Redeemer that will make the broken things beautiful once more.

And when the morning does come–help us to not forget about You. May we be the one leper that comes back to thank You even if everyone else goes on their way. You would leave the 99 for us, so help us to leave the 99 for You. We know in the back of our hearts and minds that the opinions of others don’t matter, but it is so much harder to live like it’s true. We want people to think well of us. We want people to understand, and so we do what makes sense to them rather than what makes sense in the context of the gospel. We avoid things that make us seem foolish, or things that sound ridiculous. 

However, the truth is–the gospel is ridiculous. The fact that the God of the universe would step down into our mess to save people who didn’t even want Him–that’s crazy! And yet You did it anyway. The lost can be found because of Your reckless love; the weak can be made strong because of Your grace; the unworthy can find worth in the truth of Your sacrifice. It should have been us on that cross. It should have been me. But You took our place because You knew that we could not save ourselves. Thank You Lord, that it’s still the should have been and not the was.

Reveal Yourself to us, Father. Give us the strength to keep on seeking. To not give up. To not become so overwhelmed by all the things the world is telling us. Your word is truth–help us to recognize it as such and to live as though we believe it. We are not always faithful to You, but You will forever be faithful to us, so we cling to that promise. Help us to be obsessed with You and You alone. Help us to not long for the things of this world. We want to be obsessed with You and bored with the world.

That is our prayer today.



In Christ now and always,

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