Meet the Church: Interview with Autumn Rebecca

Welcome back to our interview series! This week’s interview is with our sister in Christ, Autumn Rebecca.

1. When did you accept Jesus, and what was that experience like for you?

Originally, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was around 7 years old. However, I struggled with it for quite some time. Like many young believers, I didn’t feel truly saved. It wasn’t until five years later that I really started acting upon the salvation I had accepted. 

I had been experiencing vast temptation for a while. One night, I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Breaking, I told my Mom about what I had been battling with. That night was full of tears, prayer, and worship. Above all, I realized that we don’t always feel saved, but when we accept Christ, we are given a new heart. We must simply pursue using it.

A relationship with God isn’t always based on feelings, it’s based on standing firm in His love.

2. Who or what has had the most impact on your spiritual journey?

It’s hard to sum up who has impacted my spiritual journey the most. Of course, my parents played a huge role in the journey. However, my Mamaw and boyfriend have also inspired my path more than I can express.

My Mamaw, who passed away before I was born, had a faith that could almost move mountains. I’m told that she was truly an extraordinary being. I’ve always aspired to carry on her bold faith.

My boyfriend was a true blessing. We have really grown in our faith together, encouraging each other to hold onto Jesus even when it seems impossible. We have found that, no matter what the future holds, every moment can be used to glorify God.

3. Why do you personally continue to seek Jesus? In what ways has He changed your life?

That is such a great question! I seek Jesus because I was never satisfied until I brought my everything to Him. Even when life was good, I felt utterly lost. I had a longing for something more, and God is the only one who could quench that craving.

At first, I didn’t feel like giving my all to someone I couldn’t see. But when I truly sought Him, I realized that He was all around me.

I know that He carries the cure for every confusion, doubt, worry, and fear. Even when it feels like He isn’t applying the cure, my soul can still rest in His love. If I merely seek Him, I can feel that profound love carrying me through every part of life.

To be honest, that is what has drastically changed since welcoming Him into my life. I have a reason to live—a desire to keep my heart, mind, and body healthy.

4. What is the hardest struggle for you about being a Christian and/or believing/obeying the Bible?

The hardest part about being a Christian is living in a broken world. Sin lurks around every corner. Deception is present everywhere. 

Being as impatient as I am, it’s really hard not to turn toward those worldly perspectives instead of God’s truth. 

5. What characteristic of God do you appreciate/connect with the most?

I feel like I connect with all of them in some form or the other, but His love is the biggest one. Without His love, I wouldn’t have decided to pursue Him. 

It’s truly amazing to know that I have a loving, good Father showing me the right way to live.

6. What are your favorite books of the Bible and why? Any specific verses that are special to you?

Currently, my favorite book of the Bible would have to be Esther. As someone who deals with a lot of fear and anxiety, I can relate to it. What makes it so wonderful, though, is that she doesn’t stop at the fear. She decided to face it head on (with much prayer and fasting), declaring, “And if I perish, I perish!”

As for favorite verses, I have two. Psalms 30:2 and 1 Chronicles 16:23-27 are my lifelines. Psalms 30:2 shows me that God hears me when I speak, and the second passage speaks to the writer in me. When I lose motivation, it reminds me why I write. I write to declare His glory and wonders among the nations.

7. What does spending time with God/reading the Bible look like for you? Any resources you’d recommend or advice you’d give to someone struggling in this area?

I love to kick start my day by listening to a few worship songs as I journal out a prayer. Then I dig into a chapter of the Bible, highlighting along the way. Sometimes I spend an hour with Jesus, and other times, I only get a few minutes.

My devotional time is pretty simple, but the simplicity makes my heart happy, leaving me with a craving for more. Whenever I miss that time in the morning, I feel empty.

Advice to anyone wanting to spend more time with God: Know that we all lean into God differently. It’s okay to have a devotional time that doesn’t seem Instagram worthy. If we are always trying to force our quiet time to look like someone else’s, our attention isn’t truly on our Creator.

8. What are some unique ways you’ve found to connect with God?

I feel like we all connect with God in a unique way by merely voicing our hearts. I do this through journaling out prayers and singing. 

I have also found that blogging is a way for me to connect. That’s my way of magnifying Him. It’s also how I pursue the command of pouring love into others.

9. Can you share a time (or two) you’ve experienced an answer to prayer, or seen God in your life? Any particular moments you just knew He was there? Nothing is too small. 🙂

Last year, my sister experienced her first miscarriage. The pain and confusion from that decided to hit me all at once. The tears were endless. The ache wasn’t just mental; it was physical. The only thing I could do was pray and cry some more. I kept begging for some kind of comfort.

I remember calming down for a minute and focusing on God. You could say that peace settled over me. In that moment of silence, I heard a voice say, “She loves to dance, has eyes like her Mama, and laughs like her Daddy.” 

I may not have been able to see this angel in my mind’s eyes, but I could feel the radiating joy that she was experiencing in heaven at that moment.

I’ll be honest, many people didn’t believe in what happened and many more won’t. The important thing is that we believe God spoke into our despair. My whole family, including my sister and brother-in-law, found closure where we once found none. To us, it was a once in a lifetime gift.

10. In contrast, can you share a time in your life when you experienced great fear/doubt/opposition in your walk with God? If it was in the past, what helped you get through it?

There was a time in my life where I wrestled with my relationship with God a lot. I wanted to follow Him, but it felt like He was far away. I was numb to the world.

I feared being viewed as not good enough, so I kept all the emotions bundled up inside. These lies I found myself harping on ate away at my soul. I could barely fight back. Actually, I was ready to stop fighting altogether. But God works in mysterious ways.

When I began worshipping Him instead of my circumstances, which were terrible, I found out that He never left me. He was there from the start, but when I believed that my sin was too great for Him to love me, I allowed Satan to overcome me. That is when I discovered that it’s possible to think that we are seeking God, but we are merely going through the motions in reality.

11. What has God been teaching you and/or been doing in/through your life in this season?

He has been teaching me that He is greater than anything on this earth. He’s greater than family, distance, hardship, and material objects. 

I’m learning that He needs to be my first priority. When He is at the top of my life, everything else seems to fall into place.

12. Is there anything else you’d like to say to the person reading this? Any words of encouragement or advice?

If I were sitting across from the person reading this, I would encourage them to always seek God’s truth over human knowledge. It’s okay to seek human knowledge (it’s needed), but we have to remember that we cannot form our morals solely based on opinions. The Bible is the only infallible resource for advice.

13. Where can we connect with you?

I would love to connect on my blog, Sunshine in the Haze! You should also be able to find a link to my Facebook page and Pinterest account over there. 🙂


As an aspiring author, Autumn Rebecca is a Jesus enthusiast. Through every click of her keyboard, she prays that someone will find the true meaning of being a Christ-follower. She passionately believes that a life that glorifies God is the best life.

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  1. “It’s okay to have a devotional time that doesn’t seem Instagram worthy. If we are always trying to force our quiet time to look like someone else’s, our attention isn’t truly on our Creator.”

    That’s deep… and so true.

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