Meet the Church: Interview with Mia Harden

Welcome to CoCo’s Chitchat! Today, we have another interview in our “Meet the Church” series and have the pleasure of meeting another sister in Christ, Mia Harden.

1. When did you accept Jesus, and what was that experience like for you?

I accepted Jesus in April of 2015 when I was ten years old. My brother had accepted Christ the day before and I was curious. Having grown up in a Christian home, I’d been exposed to the Bible and Jesus for my entire life, but I didn’t really realize that I didn’t officially have Jesus in my heart. I had a good conversation with my parents and prayed the sinner’s prayer with my dad, and I accepted Jesus into my heart.

2. Who or what has had the most impact on your spiritual journey?

The Elsie Dinsmore series by Martha Finley has impacted me greatly. The series is about a young Christian girl named Elsie Dinsmore who lives in the 1800s. She has no mother and has never met her father, and her grandparents and half-aunts and -uncles that she lives with are not Christians and aren’t kind to her. The series shows her growing into a beautiful Christian woman and trusting God to lead her through the trials.

As I read the books, I noticed how Elsie’s strong relationship with God radiated from her. I took notice of how she studied the Bible and prayed constantly, which helped her find peace in her trials. The series really inspired me to study my Bible more, talk to God more, and really, just be a better Christian.

3. Why do you personally continue to seek Jesus? In what ways has He changed your life?

My faith in the Lord has been wonderful to lean on as I’ve gone through hard times. When my family left our church to go to a smaller one, when our pastor moved away to England and our church had to disband, and with the recent death of my grandfather, I’ve been able to trust that God is going to care for me and that these are growing experiences. Just in the past two years, I know my faith has grown and blossomed into something beautiful and I’m so thankful for that. I don’t fall into sluts where I’m doing nothing but feeling sorry for myself as I did often just a few years ago. I know that He will care for me and I don’t need to worry about anything that is going to happen to me because I know it’s all in His hands.

4. What is the hardest struggle for you about being a Christian and/or believing/obeying the Bible?

I think the biggest thing for me is not giving into temptation. My willpower is non-existent and I’ve been trying to get better at resisting. It’s incredibly difficult to remember that, “This is going to hurt me in the future.” With the Lord’s help, I’ve gotten a little better, but I still have a long way to go.

5. What characteristic of God do you appreciate/connect with the most?

I’m not really sure about this one. I’m very empathetic, to the point where sometimes I’m a little too nice. I think that’s one way I connect.

6. What are your favorite books of the Bible and why? Any specific verses that are special to you?

My favorite book of the Bible is always changing. Right now, Romans is at the top of my list. Paul’s teachings are incredible and so inspiring. Joshua 24:15 has been my favorite verse for much of my life. When I get my own house, I want to plaster it on the walls. It’s a great verse to live by.

7. What does spending time with God/reading the Bible look like for you? Any resources you’d recommend or advice you’d give to someone struggling in this area?

I haven’t read the Bible in so long. *hides* I’m kind of at a weird time in my life where it doesn’t feel right reading it in the mornings, like I used to, and I can’t find the motivation and/or time to read it during the day or in the evenings. I used to read four chapters every morning, no matter what, and I read through the entire Bible in just nine months. My new Bible has a reading plan in the back, so I may try using that in the near future.

8.What are some unique ways you’ve found to connect with God?

In my mind, I am constantly talking to God, whether it be a casual remark about something, a prayer for strength, or full-on crying out to Him (quietly, of course. Don’t want to wake up the younguns. 😅) I think I talk to God more than I talk to my own family. Is that a good or bad thing?

9. Can you share a time (or two) you’ve experienced an answer to prayer, or seen God in your life? Any particular moments you just knew He was there? Nothing is too small. 🙂

Oh, quite a bit recently, surprisingly. I’ve been going through a lot of changes, some of them big, some of them small, and I can feel God holding my hand, leading me through and giving me peace through the turmoil. That, in turn, has helped me keep my siblings calm and at peace, and I’m very thankful for that.

10. In contrast, can you share a time in your life when you experienced great fear/doubt/opposition in your walk with God? If it was in the past, what helped you get through it?

I honestly can’t think of anything. When I was a baby Christian, I didn’t really deal with much, until we were called to another church. I shed a lot of tears during that time, but I knew that God would care for us. Since then, I’ve been able to find peace in everything that is happening. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I don’t shed tears. I cried recently, but the sadness didn’t last long because I knew God would take care of me.

11. What has God been teaching you and/or been doing in/through your life in this season?

A big thing I can think of is forgiveness. Some girls were spreading rumors about me just a few hours before a musical theater performance and when I found out, I spent a little while crying. I was shattered and pretty angry, but, after a few prayers for the strength to forgive, I found myself at peace with them and mainly confused over why they were spreading the rumors. Of course, I have learned a lot of things lately, but that’s one that stuck out to me.

12. Is there anything else you’d like to say to the person reading this? Any words of encouragement or advice?

Hang in there. Trust God, even when it feels like you can’t because He holds you and He loves you. He’s going to put you through hard times to grow. Take it from someone like me who went from hating any kind of change, to welcoming change if it meant God growing me.


Mia Harden is a writer, blogger, singer, songwriter, actress, and all-around crazy person who loves to procrastinate school and sit in her bedroom doing nothing in particular. She’s been writing since she was five years old and hasn’t looked back. You can usually find her sitting at her computer, sitting at the piano, sitting on the floor surrounded by scrapbooking supplies, or on the stage. She is the oldest of eight and a full-blooded Georgia country girl, accent included. She loves animals, and currently has six goats, twenty chickens, fifteen cats, and a puppy. Visit her blog at for good, old-fashioned craziness.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Church: Interview with Mia Harden

  1. My great-grandma had a decoration with that verse from Joshua. We used to stay with her for a few days every Thanksgiving and sometimes during spring break or summer. I didn’t know much about the Bible back then, but when I found that verse on my own years later, it reminded me of those family road trips to her house.

    Thank you, Mia, for that encouragement.


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