Meet the Church: Interview with God’sChild

Welcome to CoCo’s Chitchat! Today we’re continuing our Meet the Church series with an interview from another really good friend of mine: God’sChild. Her and I started out as pen pals, but now we message each other all the time (we even got to meet in person this summer!!). I’m really excited to share what she has to say with y’all.

1. When did you accept Jesus, and what was that experience like for you?

I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was five years old. I was pretty excited about it. Especially because many of my friends were accepting Jesus too! My family has always been Christian and we go to church every Sunday. My parents really led me to Christ and showed me the way. I don’t remember everything exactly. But I know one day I was thinking about Christianity and I understood that Jesus was important to have in your life. It wasn’t a hard decision. More of a fun one! The week I prayed with my parents (September 21st, 2011 if we want to be exact), we went to buy my very own Bible. I was so super excited and got a beautiful pink ESV that I still have to this day. It isn’t a children’s Bible so the large book with zero pictures was very intimidating for five-year-old me. But, I was still excited to take it to church with me every Sunday. Anyways, I could go on but I shall stop there!

2. Who or what has had the most impact on your spiritual journey?

My parents have had the most impact on my spiritual journey. They bring me to church and guide me when I have questions. They are wonderful examples of good Christians and I couldn’t be more thankful for them!

3. Why do you personally continue to seek Jesus? In what ways has He changed your life?

I continue to seek Jesus because I know my life would be a mess without Him. Christ saved me from the sin I was living in and it is so important that I cling to Him because He truly loves me and wants the best for me. Jesus has changed my life in more ways than I can count. For one, I put a lot of trust in Him and less in my own self. I can live with less worry that way. To be honest, I’m not perfect at giving Him all my worries, but I’m still growing! God has also changed my life by giving me a new purpose. That is to serve Him and live my life for Him. My goal is to strive every day to please Him even though it is hard and I don’t always do a great job.

4. What is the hardest struggle for you about being a Christian and/or believing/obeying the Bible?

The hardest struggle for me is standing up for my faith no matter what. It is extremely difficult to live by Romans 1:16, saying I’m not ashamed of the gospel, and to trust God to lead me in whatever ways He needs me to speak or say something about my faith. 

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

Romans 1:16

5. What characteristic of God do you appreciate/connect with the most?

I love/connect to His compassion the most. I love to care for people and listen to them. I strive to make people feel known, loved, and seen by being open and ready to talk. (Being an introvert, I am not perfect at this yet and am still working to be compassionate like Jesus). It is so important to me that everyone around me is happy and at peace. In the same way, Christ is described as compassionate because of His deep love for us. Of course, His compassion is far greater than anything I could muster up, but I do relate to it the most.

6. What are your favorite books of the Bible and why? Any specific verses that are special to you?

My favorite books of the Bible are 1 & 2 Corinthians, Ephesians, and John. I really love the whole Bible but those books are especially special. 

I love, LOVE 1 Corinthians 14:33:

For God is not a God of confusion, but of peace.

Then there’s 2 Corinthians 1:3-4, which is just awesome.

I could definitely go on but I shall stop there.

7. What does spending time with God/reading the Bible look like for you? Any resources you’d recommend or advice you’d give to someone struggling in this area?

To be honest, I also struggle in this area as well. However, I have a consistent night routine and hope to get into a good morning routine this school year.

My night routine goes like this: I usually read a little bit of my Bible (I’m currently in John). Then, I do yoga type stretches. While stretching (usually takes about 15 minutes), I do one or two of these three things: I pray, listen to a Christian podcast, or just think. Sometimes before stretching, I break out in a dance party and worship God with my whole heart (which is awesome). That’s about it! My routine is pretty simple and I wish to make it more complex, meaningful and intimate in the future, but for now that’s what it is.

To encourage someone struggling in this area, I’d just say to start small and simple. I began by stretching to music for 15 minutes. I followed a video online. After a while, I had memorized the stretch routine and I kept consistent. This is REALLY important especially on days you don’t feel like moving much. Then, I added things on. Like listening to a podcast while stretching. And then I started reading a few verses from the Bible before my stretches.
So, start small and be consistent! 🙂

8. What are some unique ways you’ve found to connect with God?

Unique? Personal dance parties. I mentioned it in my last answer but I’ll go more into detail. About once a week (sometimes more often), I’ll have really good hyped music on, and I’ll be in my room alone, and then I just start dancing like a crazy person (lol). It is sooooo much fun! I highly recommend it. Also, if you envision Jesus there dancing with you, it makes it so much more awesome. God isn’t serious all the time or He would have made humans without a sense of humor and silliness! We can be silly and crazy sometimes. He loves it when we have fun! 😛

9. Can you share a time (or two) you’ve experienced an answer to prayer, or seen God in your life? Any particular moments you just knew He was there? Nothing is too small. 🙂

There’s been many times I’ve prayed for something to work out, or for courage, and all of those were answered in great ways. There have also been times I’ve prayed for comfort even just to fall asleep and I’ve been able to. There’s also been prayers that haven’t been answered or when I felt alone no matter how hard I’ve prayed. But, I know God is always there because I can look back and see that God was working in moments like those.
Recently I’ve prayed “dangerous” prayers to ask God to show me where I need to grow. Guess what? They were all answered. I’ve been seeing *so many* areas of my life that need work. Even as I interact with people I’ll think “did I really just say that?” Or “should I say that?” I’ll think through my actions and speech and come up with something better and figure out places I need to work on. God’s been faithful to help me see those places and make me better at interacting with people and in many situations (though I am not perfect and am still growing in those areas). Praying “dangerous” prayers like that–about wanting to see the areas of my life that need work–has been a really good decision for me and I’ve grown a lot since I’ve been praying it.

10. In contrast, can you share a time in your life when you experienced great fear/doubt/opposition in your walk with God? If it was in the past, what helped you get through it?

There has been quite a few times when I’ve doubted God. He always brings me back to Him but times before I’ve wondered if He was even real or if life itself had a purpose. However, He always reminds me of the things He has done in my life that simply couldn’t be coincidence. For example: meeting you, CoCo. We live so far away from each other and I see no other way we would have met if it weren’t for our holy Father in heaven. 😀

11. What has God been teaching you and/or been doing in/through your life in this season?

God has been teaching me that growth is an important thing in life and it is completely normal. Also that I’m lucky to have such awesome parents and friends that all build me up in Him. 

12. Is there anything else you’d like to say to the person reading this? Any words of encouragement or advice?

Read your Bible. That Bible is the power of God for salvation. It is the key to eternal life. Nothing else you could do will get you to heaven except trusting that His grace is what saves you. 

Also, I know everyone always says it but, Be. Yourself. Be who God made you to be. If it’s loud and silly, be loud and silly. If it’s soft spoken and thoughtful, be soft spoken and thoughtful. You don’t have to be what this world or your mind tells you to be. Be who God made you. Listen for His voice and do what He says. Don’t try to be someone else. 

Finally, trust God, love Him, love people, and enjoy life. Go outside. This world is a world of screens and distractions. Take some time to enjoy the world God made us to live in. 🙂

13. Where can our readers connect with you?

Y’all can connect with me on my blog over at 😀


God’sChild enjoys reading, writing, and living for Christ. She is a young teenager that has a fire to tell others about the God Who saved her from her sins. She loves to do this through her writing, blog and wherever else she can at church!

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