Silent Suffering by Lauren Murphree | Book Review

In her book Silent Suffering, Lauren Murphree shares of her on-going journey with lyme disease in a real, honest way. She has bled her life story out on the page in such a way that readers not only better understand lyme, but also feel as though they are friends with her (or want to be) by the end. Lauren is someone who has been tried by fire since a young age, but Silent Suffering shows her heart of gold that has been forged as a result.  It is a very God-honoring story–one that will leave an impression on you and your relationship with Him–even if you’ve never battled chronic illness.

As you read this book, Lauren takes you on a journey through all the places she’s lived in different stages of her life. From Mexico, to Canada, to Seattle, to a short stint in Germany for a special surgery, to Tennessee: it is evident that no matter where she has gone, God has always provided a place for her to stay and to pursue treatment. She tells of the people she has met in these places, and of the impact they have had in her life in such a way that Silent Suffering is not just Lauren’s story–it is God’s story of faithfulness. It is His story of working all things together for good. 

I love the way she describes her friends–always in a positive way, always from a place of relationship and knowing who they truly are. Her emphasis on community and supporting each other’s burdens is especially prominent throughout the book.  

If you’re battling lyme and looking for some encouragement, or just want to better understand how Jesus works in the midst of our trials, Silent Suffering is a worthy read. 

In Lauren’s own words: 

When I’ve had the eyes to see, God has unfolded some of His heart to me in the midst of pain. I don’t think I would’ve seen those parts without all the suffering…. Even though I can’t fully understand, and the whys probably won’t be answered til Heaven – that is, if I even care to know anymore once I’m there – to still breathe Him in and know that He is here is a gift. To feel chronic pain inside of my body and yet feel joy and peace instantaneously is a gift. To still have hope and belief that this isn’t the end for me – it’s all a gift from God. And in the between, in the waiting, I see miracles.

Lauren Murphree, Silent Suffering


Let me know in the comments below if you decide to read this book, or even give Lauren a follow on her Instagram @lomurph93. I’ve been following her for a little while now and am excited to see what God does through her writing and the amazing ministry God has given her!

Thanks for reading, and God bless ❤

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